Street Roots Submission

So I just submitted a story to Street Roots about a companion animal. I have been talking to some people earlier today and I know that while I’d be happy with a kitten, it wouldn’t fully help me unless I had a dog, simply because I need to be able to take my companion animal with me everywhere. I understand that if I came to OI, I’d have to put them in a kennel unless some peeps are able to let me keep them with me while being a part of a group. But you never know, so in the mean time and waiting to hear back about the apartment, I keep looking at ads, even asked about one year old small dog. Peeps don’t seem to feel the need to send a reply back but oh well, I guess I’ll keep on truckin’ and hope that the right dog will come along and I’ll have a place by than. Just need to keep myself busy and guess keep taking my medicine, despite the fact that I keep falling asleep, oh well.

It just sucks, that they don’t allow you to have a companion animal or even a service animal in the pods but whatever. Don’t have much to say other than that I had a lot of anxiety earlier and now kind of feel blah and missing my dog. :-( I feel sad, pathetic and alone sometimes, even if Jake is there to be awesome and remind me that I can always get a kitten or a puppy.

If I got a doggy or a puppy, I think it’d have to be an APBT or a mix of that or some other ‘bad’ breed, they are the sweetest dogs and I love them to death. No vicious nature within them.